This coming election, voters in Holt will have a chance to finally tell Labor that enough is enough. We can no longer allow the same old nonsense to continue.

Labor takes Holt for granted.

While we’re finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, Julia Gillard and Labor are fixated with leadership issues, factional wars, scandals, bungles and waste.

Since the 2010 election I’ve listened as parents have told me how hard it is to pay household bills and put food on the table. I’ve listened to recent graduates who are struggling to find work. I’ve listened to small business men and women who can’t keep up with how costly it is now to run a business and employ people.

One story that was shared with me and has touched me deeply is that of Frank and Rose. Both have reached retirement but are forced to work because their pensions won’t cover their daily cost of living. Not only has the price of everything risen, their 45 year old son now lives with them too. He lost his job and the pressure of not making ends meet has caused his marriage to end. Frank and Rose also have a daughter who’s a single parent. She survives on a single parent pension that was recently slashed by the Rudd-Gillard Labor Government. She says that while she’d like to work, the price of childcare is too high and she’d end up with less money in her pocket.

These stories are all too common in Holt.

I want to help families like Frank and Rose by joining the Coalition and reducing cost of living pressures for all Australians.
Our current Labor MP has passively supported each and every bad decision his colleagues have made in Canberra. Despite the leadership change we still don’t have a seat at the decision making table, and this is a sign that it doesn’t matter who is the leader, Labor will never give Holt the recognition it deserves.

While the State Coalition builds Hallam Road and provides funds for Narre Cranbourne Road, Federal Labor has given us nothing! It has, in fact, taken funds away as an excuse for a surplus it now says it will never meet. Holt is my home. I’ve lived here for 25 years with my wife and two children, and have experienced the same problems you do.

If we don’t change our vote, nothing will change for us.

The Coalition has been listening to Australians from all walks of life and we’ve developed a Real Solutions Plan that will help us deliver a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia. Visit for details.

Holt will benefit under the Coalition’s plan to generate 1 million new jobs over 5 years and 2 million new jobs over a decade. We will get the budget back under control, cut waste and start reducing Labor’s debt, so we can put money where it’s needed – frontline services and modern infrastructure – and protect Australian jobs against future economic shocks.

Holt families will benefit when we free them from the burden of the carbon tax. Scrapping the tax will help reduce the cost of living pressures on households, especially with the rising power bills.

I offer YOU real change. I’ll fight for Holt, and do my part in helping the Coalition get Australia back on track.

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