Loss Of Family Tax Benefit: Another Broken Promise Says Ricardo Balancy

The announcement by the Gillard Government that it intends to scrap its planned, new family tax benefits to thousands of local families was another broken promise to the people of Holt said Ricardo Balancy, Candidate for Holt.

“Labor trumpeted its claim they were ‘spreading the benefits of the boom’ – and now we find it’s another broken promise.

“This family benefit would have provided $300 to eligible families with one child, and $600 to families with two children or more.

Member for Holt Anthony Byrne stated in a release after the budget last year that they were “increasing family payments by up to $600 for more than 21,000 local families in Holt.” Another broken promise by Anthony Byrne and Julia Gillard made directly to the people of Holt.”

“Local families are experiencing the impact of Labor’s Budget chaos. With days until the Budget, we know that gross debt is approaching $300 billion and that Labor has lost control of the Budget.
“This broken promise is in fact a ‘two-for one’ broken promise – at the last election, Laborpromised company tax cuts for businesses and then took them away last year saying the money would go to provide family payments instead. Now those family payments have been taken away before they were meant to start.

Ricardo Balancy said the real message that Holt families would take away from the Government’s decision is that Labor can’t be trusted to keep its promises or honour its word.

“Labor promised no carbon tax, a Budget surplus, 500,000 new jobs and increased family payments – and every one of these promises has been broken.

“At the same time Labor has run up almost $300 billion in gross debt and Australians are now paying about $7 billion in interest on Labor’s debt. At the same time, Labor has increased or created 30 taxes, including the carbon tax, mining tax and new super taxes.

Ricardo Balancy said only the Coalition had the plan, experience and discipline to return the Budget to sustainable surpluses, reduce debt and provide real support to local families to help them get ahead again.

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