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The facts…

Ricardo Jules Balancy
Senior Manager
Marital Status:
Married since May 1986
Graduate Certificate in Management
Lived in Holt for over 25 years
(Doveton, Endeavour-Hills and Hallam)

Brief History:

Ricardo, a 47-year-old senior manager, migrated to Australia in December 1983 from the island of Mauritius. Ricardo has lived in Holt for the past 25 years with his wife Lisemay and their two children.

Ricardo has been involved in his local community for many years. From coaching junior soccer, chairing sports clubs, involvement in Rotary and the CFA, Ricardo has a passion for the local community. In 2007, Ricardo received a Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence for uniting different cultures through soccer. In addition to this, Ricardo also received a certificate of recognition is 2008 for over 10 years of volunteer work in the community.

Given the work Ricardo has been doing within the sectors of the community at the grass roots level and with people from various cultural backgrounds, he has the skills to effectively represent the people of Holt.

More about Ricardo

Grass roots sports
– He was President of the Flamingo Soccer Club (based at James Cook Primary School in Endeavour Hills) from 1989 (when he was only 23) to 1992. The club merged with the Keysborough Soccer Club in 1992 and Ricardo continue on as President until 1998, at which point I decided to take a break to look after family.

– Ricardo presided over the most successful years of the Keysborough Soccer Club between 1995 and 1998.

Ricardo returned to the club as President again in 2004 (crossroads for the club) and remained in the role until 2007.

During those few years he worked with the committee and members to implement a range of measures designed to ensure the club’s long term viability and growth.

He was the architect of the new constitution designed to add more robust rules around accountability, governance, and succession for office bearers.

Ricardo believes the key change was transforming the club from being a single ethnic based organisation into one that reflected the diversity of the community within which it evolved. Within a short time no less than 23 different nationalities joined the club, playing under the one banner in what was a harmonious environment.

In November 2007 Ricardo was awarded a State of Victoria Award for Excellence in Sport for the work that he did in uniting people from different cultures under the banner of sport. Although this is something that Ricardo says he will always regard as an important achievement it is the work that the club did during his presidency to engage the youths in a safe and healthy environment that he will always be proud of

Ricardo believes that the time he spent coaching the juniors at Keysborough (under 8s and 9s) was the most rewarding of all as he was able to shape our future leaders (not just on the playing field but also as contributing members of society).

It must be Highlighted that Keysborough was part of the Holt Electorate until 2003 (following the 2002 Victorian redistribution).

Liverpool FC Foundation Visit to Doveton 24 July 2013

It must be said that the LFC Foundation visit to Doveton would not have happened if it wasn’t for Ricardo.

In April 2013 Ricardo took the initiative to write directly to the Liverpool Football Club in England and invited them to hold a special training session for the players of the Doveton Special Soccer School (these are players who have a form of Intellectual Disability but are able bodied). The aim was to raise the profile of the club, give a boost to the players and volunteers associated with the DSSS, and to the Doveton and broader Casey Community

The LFC Foundation accepted Ricardo’s invitation and their coaches came to Doveton on 24 July 2013 when they were here in Melbourne.

It was a well publicised event with the City of Casey taking over the organisation and logistics making it a success.

The City of Casey Mayor, Amanda Stapledon presented the group with a Key to the City marking the significance of the occasion for Casey.

Ricardo sees this as one of his greatest contributions to his community to date.

Imagine what he can do in Parliament if this is the type of contribution he can make to this community as an individual.

What else you need to know about Ricardo:

He is keen to make a difference in the lives of others and that’s exactly what he’s been doing since he arrived in Australia and in our community 30 years ago

He’s always worked on the ground (grass roots) and that’s what he intends to continue doing if elected

– He puts people and community ahead of himself

– His people and interpersonal skills are of the highest order

– He has strength of character

– He is honest and hardworking

– He has tact and diplomacy

– His background is ideal for what is a very diverse community

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